Coira Institute

A holistic, integrated approach
to achieve optimum health and wellness

We treat all ages: children, adolescent, young adults, adults, and geriatric populations

About Our Practice

Our Providers

Our providers are board certified psychiatrists, board certified nurse practitioners, and licensed clinical social workers who are compassionate and work together with you to address your needs.

Same Day Appointments available




We practice a form of psychotherapy that is flexible, eclectic and tailored to your needs. In most cases psychotherapy will be short term, averaging 6 to 12 sessions.We provide individual, family, couples and group psychotherapy.



We believe that medications are over prescribed by healthcare providers. We are very careful in in how we prescribe medications. In most cases you will be on one or no medications. If you are taking multiple psychiatric medications, we will help you reduce the number gradually and appropriately.



Good nutrition is paramount to brain health. We will assess your current nutritional habits and will make recommendations to improve your health.

Physical Activity


There is a significant body of evidence showing the benefits of daily physical activity in improving health outcomes, including brain health. After a full evaluation we will make specific recommendations to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine.

Outpatient Detox


If medically appropriate as determined by one of our addiction specialists, we will offer an outpatient detox from substances, including alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine and marijuana. Our approach will include medications if needed, psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene and other modalities.

Equine Therapy


Equine therapy is a centuries old tool that is being rediscovered by the medical community. We at the Coira Institute have been leaders in the field, developing new therapies, conducting research and presenting our findings around the world.

Feel Better with the Coira Institute

Let us work with you to address your needs.


Making People’s Lives Better

We believe that everyone deserves to live a joyful life, and we work with individuals and families to help them achieve and maintain optimum health. We emphasize the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, community engagement and brain stimulation as essential tools in the path to health and wellness.

Over 30 Years Experience

Dr. Coira has over 30 years of experience in the practice of medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Coira has been a pioneer in the development of integrated health care services to better understand the brain and behavior. Dr. Coira follows a holistic approach emphasizing wellness. Dr. Coira has gathered a group of providers who share his beliefs and are dedicated to helping the community.

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